Great French Explorer

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Great French Explorer

I am Giovanni da Verrazzano. I am an Italian explorer but I served France in my expeditions. I explored the Carolinas and Newfoundland, including the New York Harbor and Narragansett Bay. Also, I explored Cape Fear, New York Bay, the North Carolina coast, Maine, and Nova Scotia. My goal was to find a shorter route across the to the Pacific Ocean.

Great French Explorers

I am Jean Ribault. I am a French explorer hoping to make France rich and powerful. I came to South Carolina and built Charlesfort. I went to France to get supplies. While i was in France, the people at Charlesfort didn't grow crops because they were expecting me to bring things back. They became cannibals from the lack of food and started eating each other until an English ship came and rescued them.

I am Jacques Cartier. I explored the coast from the Cape River to Nova Scotia, also. I sailed the St. Lawrence River all the way up to Montreal. I explore the coasts of Labrador, too.

I am Samuel de Champlain. I founded Quebec City and I am known as the "Father of the New France. I also explored the Great Lakes, also.


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