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Social Studies
Explorers and Discovers

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Great Explorer

SourcesUSA Studies Weekly, Volume 13, Issue 1, Week 4Vikings and European Explorers: Christopher Columbus, ReadWorks.orgAmerica's Past, TCI, page 58-59


ResultsColumbus met new people on the island he called San Salvador. He called these people Indians and used them to find gold and spices. When he returned to Spain with some gold and Indian captives, the king and queen of Spain agreed to pay for more expeditions. Although Columbus did not find much more gold, he established a new trade route in which animals and crops were exchanged and even disease spread.

The king and queen of Spain helped to support Chrsitopher Columbus' expedition by paying for his journey. Chrsitopher Columbus set sail in three ships from Spain across the Atlantic Ocean. The goal of the expedition was to find a route to Asia so that Europe and Asia could increase their trade. However, Chrsitopher Columbus ended up in the "New World".

Sponsors and Goals

Dates and RouteChrsitopher Columbus set sail in 1492 on his first exploring expedition and continued to explorer through 1506, when he died. Christopher Columbus saild from Spain across the Atlantic Ocean until he saw new land, known to us as the Caribbean Islands. He named the land San Sakvador.


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