[2015] Taylin Jimenez: Ferdinand Magellan

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[2015] Taylin Jimenez: Ferdinand Magellan

For more information go to the Museum of Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand was born in Portugal 1480

Funding the Exploration Magellan went to the King of Portugal to fund the exploration but, had a fight with him and refused, so he went to King Charles V of Spain and he funded the exploration.

King Charles V

Ferdinands goal for the exploration was to reach Asia by traveling west.

Ferdinand explored the Mallaca islands and the Spice islands. He enslaved a native servant and named him Enrique.

The slave Enrique

While converting a cheif to christianity a native warrior shot Magellan to his foot and Magellan got wounded. The cheif ordered his tribe to attack Magellan and his crew. Ferdinand Magellan died on April 27, 1521 and most of his crew escaped and set sail.

Ferdinands Routes

Ferdinand Magellan was the first to circumnavite the globe

Ferdinand Magellan found a new passage to South America and it is called the Straits of Magellan

These are the 5 ships that Ferdinand sailed in..

Here's a fun fact Ferdinand Magellan crossed Central America to the West Coast by foot in 1513.

When Ferdinand was sailing on the Pacific Ocean they starved because they didn't have food or supplies and had to eat rats, maggots, leather, and sawdust. 20 men died from sturvy and starvation.

Ferdinand MagellanBy: Taylin J.Mrs. Andersen9/29/15

When Ferdinand was in his mid 20's he was in a potuguese fleet that was sailing to East Africa. Ferdinand and the fleet was in the Battle of Diu and defeated Egyptian ships in the Arabian Sea.


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