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Jewish Migration to Australia

The MigrationOnce World War 2 broke out, Jewish families were labelled as spies because they werent british subjects.In 1938,the Australian Government allowed entry to 6000 Jewish immagrants fleeing for their lives and from the Nazi Party.

In 1938 Hiltlers Nazi Party was controlling Germany, many escaped the Nazi party in Germany because many didnt feel safe and fled the country. People had to pay 200 pounds and leave their profits so they could leave Germany.Hitler came to power in 1933 forcing pontential increase in Jewish Migration.


Austria's Contact People migrated from Austria. During the War, all contact between Austria and Australia, for five years people had to send a occasional letter of 25 words through the Red Cross.

Accepting the Jewish migrants International pressures forced the Government to relax it's restrictive pre-war policies, fatefully they accepted the jewish


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