[2015] Ryan Simons: Great Explorer

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Social Studies
Explorers and Discovers

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[2015] Ryan Simons: Great Explorer


Columbus's LifeChristopher Columbus was born in 1451 in Genoa.When was about 14 he got a job as a ship merchant. One day he was sailing when his ship was taken over by frenchmen and around 5 minutes later the ship started to sink and Christopher sailed off to land on a piece of driftwood from the ship. When he got to land he started thinking of being a sailor to sail back to his homeland Genoa. When he later found out he was portuguese he started builing a ship day and night eventually when was about 15 he finished the ship and started the voyage.

Christopher Columbus sailed across the ocean to the "New World" which is modern day America and he sailed there on the Mayflower the ship that he captained to the "New World" ever and he met indians there who were nice to him and helped him on they're island and they didn't threaten Columbus or any of his people.

Cristopher Columbus'sSails

Columbus's Early LifeChristopher Columbus was born in Genoa,Italy.Christopher got a job as a ship merchant as a boy and when he got older sailed to Europe and lived there. While he was in Europe he had heard about Marco Polo traveling to Asia by and so he tried to sail to Asia. when he was on the sail it was a long journey but he brought back a lot of silk. He sold silk in a shop he started and made a lot of money and sailed back to Italy as a rich man.

Christopher was born in Genoa,Italy in 1451

In 1465 Christopher Columbus got a job as a ship merchant

Christopher Columbus died in 1506, May 20.

Christopher Columbus found the New World in 1492 Aug.3.

Fun FactsChristopherwas born in 1451.Christoher got a job as a ship merchant at 14.Christopher became a ailor when he was 16.chrisopher discovered the New world in 1492 Aug. 3.Christopher Columbus died in 1506, May 20.

Christopher'sBirth andDeathChristopher Columbus was born in 1451 and he died 55 years later 1506, May 20 over seas because they ran out of supplies to live.

Christopher Columbus's Voyages were sponsered by Spain.

DiscoveryChristopher actually discovred theNew World not an unknown part of Asia.This discovery was important becaue if he hadn't found the new world and had found more of Asia then in conclusion there would be no America


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