Great Depression

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Great Depression

The Great Depression

Causes:*- Tarrifs and war debt lowered trade of American goods. *- Stock markets and banks fail

Important Events:Dust Bowl- Major dust storms that greatly damaged soil in the early 1930'sHoover Dam- This dam provided electricity and flood control in 1929 and was located on the Colorado RiverSoup kitchens and Bread Lines- offered free or low priced food for the poor.

Effects of Great Depression:-Many people saved a lot of their money and were very conservative- Population decreased due to family members dying of starvation.- People couldn't trust the government

" If I leave my mother, it will mean one less mouth to feed"- Eugene Williams

"We in America are nearer to the final triumph over poverty than ever before"Herbert Hoover

- A severe worldwide economic depression that took place between 1929-1933

Important People:Herbert Hoover- President of the United States between 1929-1933.Ann Marie Low- She lived through the great depression in North Dakota that destroyed her family's crops. George Phillips- He was a "Hoover Tourist" who rode trains around the country in search of work.


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