Great Depression

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Great Depression

-It had no impact on rich people.-Divorce rates dropped sharply.-Birth rates dropped below the level.-Families sufferred loss of income.-Many dads walked out on their families.

Top 5 Causes-Stock Market Crash of 1929-Bank Failures-Reduction in Purchasing Across the board-American economic policy with Europe-Drought conditions

FactsThe 'Three Little Pigs" was seen as a symbol where the pigs are average citizens and the wof is the depression.

What were the effects of the Great Depression?

Great Depression

Relief but stress, relieved because it was over and stressed because they have to recover have to recovered.

What was the overall mood of the country After the Great Depression?

It was the deepest and longest lasting economic downturn in history.

What was the Great Depression?

What Caused the Great Depression?

Who was affected By the Great Depression?

The Great Depression.

-Franklin D. Roosevelt New Deal-Expanded role of government-Mass Migration-Social Change


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