The great depression

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The great depression

The Great Depression had America in the worse economic crisis it could possibly imagine. Stock markets crashed, people lost jobs, and money was lost due to banks closing. This was the longest downturn and sent millions of hard-working individuals into poverty.Franklin D. Roosevelt had a plan for America to get back up on its feet. He called it the New Deal which included the three R's which consisted of relief, reform, and recovery.This plan sort of gave people hope for a better tomorrow. Even though the New Deal didn't get the US out of this economic hole, FDR's efforts are credited and widely appreciated.


1929 - Crash Begins1930 - Unemployment1931 - New York1932 - Hoover1933 - Bank Holiday1934 - Dust Storm1938 - FDR & Congress

*October 24, 1929 (Black Thursday)-The day the stock market crashes*March 1930-more than 3.2 million people unemployed*December 1931- New York's Bank of the US collapses. By this time, $200 million are in deposits wwhich became the largest single bank failure in the nation's history.*July 1932- Hoover signs $100,000 transportation bill to assist "bonus Army"*March 1933- FDR announces a 4-day bank holiday to begin Monday March 6.*May 1934-3-day dust storm blows 350 million tons of soil*April 1938-FDR asks Congress to authorize $3.75 billion in federal spending to stimulate the sagging economy.

Lasting Impact

Started Social Security System, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Securities and Exchange Commission.


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The Great Depression





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