Great Depression

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Great Depression

Hoover believed that giving money to the big companies to employ more workers and pay them more to put money through the system.

I’m a 19 year old field worker who was fired from my job and left by my family in the 1930’s. I’ve been in poverty for over 7 months now, and I’m really starting to get use to this lifestyle. Every week I travel to a new destination hoping for it to be better than the last. Everytime I travel, I look for a boxcar with a good symbol, otherwise I stay away from it. The nice thing about traveling a lot, is that you meet so many new and nice people. Some people teach me new things, like the different symbols. I hope not to live like this for too long, but for now, this is all I truly need.

Living Life the Hard Way

FDR believed in the new deal which consisted of 3 R's: Relief, Recovery, and Reform. FDR believed this was the solution to the Great Depression


Herbert Hoover

Franklin Roosevelt

Durring the the Great Depresstion, if you were forced out of your home because of the Great Depression you most likely ended up in a hooverville. A hooverville is a shanty town were many of the homeless lived there lives. The name Hooverville is named after prestident Hoover because of how he was greatly blamed for the Great Depression. During the Great Depression, hoovervilles were very commen, most close to soup kitchens. Most housees in Hoovervilles were made out of anything they could get there hands on some men learned new building skills and build there house out of stone. Around the 1940's unemployment dropped and most Hoovervilles were destroyed.

Speculation- The practice of making high risk invesments in hpoes of getting a huge returnBlack Tuesday- A record 16.4 million shares were sold, rather than the average Bank Run- People rushing to the banks to collect there savings

This picture shows how they got through the strugle by setting up baseball games for entertainment and for something to do. Many games happend in Hoovervilles were many people came to play and watch because they didn't have anything else to do.