Great Depression

by lkatt
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Language Arts

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Great Depression

Christmas After All: The Great Depression Diary of Minnie SwiftBy: Kathryn Lasky

-1932-Willie Faye, a cousin whose parents died, comes to live with the Swift family.-Minnie's dad eventually looses his job and leaves the family right before Christmas.-The family has to make a lot of sacrafices but not as much as others do.Everyone makes their Christmas gifts instead of buying them.-Her father ends up returning on Christmas Eve, after selling a script to a radio show and they get quite a bit of money.

Both Books

The GardenerBy:Sarah Stewart

-About the Great Depression-Set in the 1930s-Centered around family-Main character is a little girl-Get their jobs back

-1935-36-The Great Depression-Lydia Grace has leave home and live in the city with her uncle because her father lost his job.-Her uncle doesn't smile and she makes it her mission to make him smile.-SHe writes a poem for him for Christmas.-She planted a garden for him on the roof and he smiled. -She got to go home after a year becuase her dad got his job back.



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