Great Depression

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Great Depression

The Great Depression had a huge impact on Germany. In Germany, they relied on America’s trade. After America stopped buying and giving them products, due to having no money, it started to affect Germany greatly. They had no money rolling in either and they started starving because they also had nothing at all. Gustav Stresemann, an important Germany leader had worked on the German government for a while and it all just crashed at once, this upset the Germans.This occurred not too long into the Great Depression. This is important to the US because, we as a country, failed and not only hurt ourselves but also hurt our peers.

Random Facts

The stock market had crashed deeply in the year of 1929, the month of October. A lot of people had their whole life savings in the stock market. Once the market crashed, everyone lost all their money. Big businesses lost money and eventually led to laying off their employees then everyone started starving themselves and living on the streets all because they had no money. The government had to step up and do something so they started a soup and bread line for the people in the US. The food that they were given was hardly anything and never filled up their stomachs. Although, it was better than nothing. This tragedy was known as the Great Depression. The event took place in the United States and the people of the US were victims of this terrible crisis. It lasted from 1929 to 1939. This is important to the United States because, for 10 years our country suffered incredibly and the unemployment rate went up by 30%.

During the Great Depression, people suffered terribly and starved to death. Here are a few interesting facts about the terrible conditions during the depression.. People used to live in small towns called Hoovervilles, ate food called Hoover stew, used blankets made out of newspaper called Hoover blankets, all of these things were named after president Herbert Hoover. The three little pigs was created because of the great depression, the wolf represented the depression as the pigs represented the average citizens. They eventually succeeded by working together. During the Great Depression, 60 to 80 million Americans went to the movies and they choose to watch King Kong, the Wizard Of Oz, or Gone With the Wind.

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The Great Depression

The Impact

New Government Styles

The Great Depression influenced several different government styles to be enforced by multiple leaders. Hitler, a German, was one of the main influenced leaders to take control. Hitler was a genocidal person, who killed many people during the Great Depression. Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Party and was a dictator. A dictator was someone who took control over everything. He and the Nazi party took over Germany along with the citizen’s lives. They harnessed the production in Germany for the benefit of that state. Dictatorship was a big deal during the Great Depression and this is just one of the leaders who took control.

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The Great Depression


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