Great Depression

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Great Depression

Glog of the Great Depression

By Taylor InfusoGordon Fredrickson





M/W Period 1

America was beginning to enter the Great Depression in 1928.One of the most devestating moments of his time period was thestock market crash of 1929. It became more and more difficult to finda job during this period and money was scarce. Small camps knownas Hoovervilles were created by the homeless to create shelters forthose with little money.

Both countries had very different ways of dealing with the GreatDepression. America made very small steps compared to Russiaand mainly aimed at recovering lost processes like the banks, andcreating better working conditions. Russia planned for drasticchanges with it's Five Year plan like creating a more efficientwork force. Both tried very different means of ending theirDepression but they both prove to be effective by how they madelives for the civilians slightly easier.

To have more, we must produce moreto produce more need to know more. Following the same lines there are not many articles regarding Stalin's Five Year Plans.,_South_Dakota_1936.jpg

The USSR's approach to rectifying its economy was radically different from America's. Stalin set goals for industry and each industry had to meet its quota. The system Stalin designed brought Russia from being the least industrialized nation in europe to one of the most powerful in slightly over ten years. While many felt that he commited Genocide he actually saw a threat in Nazi Germany and took steps to counter this. Also many people felt it would be an honor to die for Russia because everything that they risked their lives for was for everyone and not a fortunate few.


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