Great Depression Gallery Walk

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Great Depression Gallery Walk

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The Great DepressionGallery Walk

During the Great Depression, many people lost their jobs. As a result, people had to use cardboard boxes as homes. Towns that were filled with these home were called Hoovervilles.

When people didn't have money or a home, they needed food to eat. They would wait in line for hours at soup kitchens for hot meals. If you got there too late, you would have to wait for the next meal.

It has been estimated that a quarter million children and teenagers were traveling and living across the country during the Great Depression. Some were looking for jobs and others were trying to make it easier on thier families.

A drought left the region dry. Many crops and plants were shriveled and there was no rain for most of the decade.

To get around, some homeless people would ride the train for free. This was illegal and people would jump on the train when workers were not looking. If caught, you would be arrested.

People panicked from the decline in jobs and they withdrew their money from banks around the country.

As the 1930s wore on, the economy went fom bad to worse. Fewer people were working and paying taxes. There was a deficit in federal, state, and local taxes. Schools were unable to remain open and in 1933, 175,000 children missed out on thier education.

The Great DepressionThe Great Depression started in 1929. Many people in the middle-class were investing in the stock market and values were soaring high, When the marked crashed, the Great Depression begn. Mamy people spent money on stocks. Most people thought it was foolish to save their money if they could invest it and make more. Right before the crash, the economy was risising. The rich got richer, and the middle class grew. Americans were bursting with confidence about their lives, the economy, and the country's future.



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