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Great Depression Brochure

The Great Depression

The Great Depression was a huge event in US history in which the citizens of the United States underwent a catostrophic failure of its economy, leaving many of its citizens to suffer.

There are Many different events that have been thought to have given rise to the Great Depression. There's the Stock Market Crash of 1929 which is what most think to be the start of the Great depression. However, there was also such things as Banks failing due to being unable to make loans and losing the money of thier customers, The United States creating Tariffs in order to attempt to get Americans to Support local Bussiness' in order to try to fix the economy, as well as the Loss of Farmland in the Mid-West due to many dust storms that led to the failure of farms.

Many historians believe that it was the Crash of the stock market, an event known as Black Tuesday, that kickstarted the Great Depression and is usually seen as the main factor that caused it. While the true source of the Great Depression is not really known due to the fact that it had multiple factors that contributed to the creation of the devastating period as a whole, the effects of the economic crash has definitely been recorded in history, showing the suffering and pain that many Americans had to go through during this rough time.

During the Depression, many Men and Women lost thier jobs. Men began to feel a loss of identity in thier families as they were usually the bread winner. Without a job to provide money for their families, many men felt disconnected and either were fearful when they did have a job and shameful when they didn't. Some men even went to the extent of leaving thier families out of shame. Meanwhile, most families suffered as jobs became harder to keep as many companies began cutting people and most companies didn't want more people because it would spread thier pay thin. Thus, most families woul be seen at soup kitchens and Bread Lines in order to gain food.

Struggles of the People:

Many Farmers also had lost thier crops to the Depression. During the Depression, many farmers had lost thier farms due to low prices for thier product. This lack of income caused farmers to be unable to pay to maintain thier farms. Many Farmers had thier land taken away from them. Some farmers had to work as tennant farmers on what was once thier own land for another person who was wealthier than them. Other farmers decided to move out. During the Great Depression, crops were becoming harder to grow in the Mid-West due to multiple dust storms, droughts, and over farming land that made it almost impossible to get good crops. This led to many Oakies, a nickname given to farmers who came from the Mid-West to move, to move to the Western United States.

Minorities were not exempt from the harsh treatment of the Depression. African Americans had a higher unemployment rate during the depression as many people wanted to support the "Natural" US citizen. As a result, many African Americans were left jobless. However, they stood strong during the Depression. Many used to support of family and Religion to help them sustain thier attitude to overcome the depression. Mexican Americans had rough times during the depression as many were discriminated by thier employers. Eventually, the US decided to start encouraging the Mexican Americans as well as Native Mexicans to leave the United States to go back to Mexico so that more of the "Natural" US citizen could get a job.

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