Great Britain

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Social Studies

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Great Britain

Great Britain

Public Authority & Political PowerPublic authority resides in the Queen (see above).Political Power resides in the Prime Minister (see above)

VotingIn the Uk Parliment general election, you vote for a MP to represent you in the House of Commons. Voters that are aloud to vote are people over the age of 18, and you are a UK citizen.

State and SocietyThe state is a part of a society, which is organized politicaly. Society is a group of people that are brought together to achieve a common goal.

Scotland Leaving?

AusterityThe governments attempt to cut spending. This will help lower the deficit, or reduce the surplus.

DevolutionDevolution is the delegation of power to a lower level ( This will allow the lower government to connect with the people more because they are closer to the people.

Citizens and StateCitizens are legal members of the UK. The state is a politicaly organized group, that is part of society.

Political InstitutionsPolitical institutions are organizations which create, enforce, and apply laws. These laws can help shape social policy, and represent the people. Some examples are trade unions, political parties, and legal courts. The framework is the structure in which the examples above are organized.



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