Great Britain

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Social Studies

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Great Britain

Great Britain

Britain is controlled by three main parties the conservative party, led by David Cameron. The Labour party and the Liberal Democrates. However do to the proportional representation system some smaller parties are also able to obtain seats in Parliament.

Citizens and State


Economy and Austarirty


Political Parties

The citizens are able to interact with the Government by voting for a party whos members they want to represent them in parliament. they can also request Parliment calls for a vote of no confidence so that they cvan redo their vote if they are unhappy.

Political powerIn the Uk they use the Westminster modle which means, power is controlled by the Legislative branch, known as parliament. Parliament is able to pass laws, control the national budget, and have a vote of no confidence so that they can have a reelection.

Britain uses a free market economy, which means that the government has loose regulations on the economy so it can follow the supply and demand curve of the market. This also helps with Britains austarity which is an attempt by the government to reduce government spending

Britain has a loose immigration policy which has led many of the citizens from the poorer EU countries to immigrate there.


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