Great Britain

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Social Studies

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Great Britain

House of Commons

DEVOLUTION: Refers to the UK's distribution of power from Parliament to Northern Ireland, Whales,Scottland, and the London Assembly

VOTING STRUCTURE:The UK is comprised of multiple voting systems; namely, First-Past-The-Post (Majority of votes), Alternative Vote (Ranks candidates in order of prefernce), and Single Transferable Vote (also based on ranking candidates according to prefernce).

Prime Minister: David Cameron

Political Parties:The Conservative party and the Labour Party are the two main political parties in Great Britain; however, although substantially less than the conservative and labour party, there is also representation from the Liberal Democrat party. As a result, Britain is often refered to as the "Two-and-a-half" party system.

AUSTERITY:During times of economic recesion, the British govt will often reduce spending and tax raises for the sake of reducing a budget deficit

Immigration in the UK:The UK has been a popular immigration target especially due to their United Nations 1951 Refugee Convention. The Uk recieves the most immigration from India, Bangledash, Afica, and Pakistan. The large infux of immigrants in the Uk has had positive effects as well such as improving the labour force and GDP.

Buckingham Palace

Great Britain

London Bridge

Fun Fact: The Queen of England is the legal owner of one-sixth of the Earth's land surface.


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