Great Britain

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Great Britain

Great Britain

Political Parties- Labour Party- Conservative Party- Liberal DemocratsImmigrationA recent poll showed that the majority of the British public believed that immigration should be reduced.UK immigration law seperates immigrants from those seeking asylum, and those seeking the better economy that Great Britain provides.Great Britain created a new policy that requires migrants to earn 35,000 euro a year, or face deportation.

Austerity is the reduction in spending through the means of cutting programs, in order to reduce a budget deficit. Great Britain has an "Austerity Programme", which is trying sustain Britain's financial sector through the means of reducing public spending. Currently, Britain's National Health Service, Defence Program, and Educational System has not been affected by Britain's Austerity Program.Devolution is the transfering of power from the central government to the local, regional, and state levels.Devolution is present in Great Britain, for the UK Parliment grants power to the Scotish Parliment, Welsh Assembly, Northern ireland Assembly, and several other assemblies.

Political Parties+Immigration

London: Great Britain's Capital


How the British Gov't works?Great Britain's is a Constitutional Monarchy with a Parlimentary system. Queen Elizabeth II serves as a figure head for Great Britain, but she does not serve as a significant member in the government system. David Cameron is the current Prime Minister, and he runs the Parliment with his cabinet, which is composed of 21 members. Cameron has the ultimate responsibility for all policies and Parlimentary decisions. 650 Members of Parliment (MPs) meet in the House of Commons to discuss legislature and other governmental decisions.

Austerity + Devolution

England's national animal is the barbary lion.

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