[2014] joanne burckhart: Great Barrier Reef

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[2014] joanne burckhart: Great Barrier Reef

The shape of the green sea turtle's shell and paddle like flippers help to make them quick swimmers.

Sea Urchins dig into the sand at the bottom of the ocean. They scare off preditors with their spines.

The Great Barrier Reef is a beautiful place. It holds the largest collection of corals on Earth. There are many different fish, birds, mammals, and reptiles are found here. Pollution and climate change are threats to this habitat.

Clown fish and anemones help each other out. Anemones sting their prey and the clown fish eats the left overs. Clown fish help scare away the anemones preditors.

Great Barrier Reef

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Dolphins have a natural sonar to help them locate food. Dolphins often will work together to round up prey.

A habitat is a place where a plant or animal lives. The habitat needs to have food, water, shelter, space, and a safe place for the animals to have their babies.



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