Greasers Subculture

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 Greasers Subculture

Greasers Subculture

Movies:Grease    The Outsiders   Rebel Without a cause    The Wild One    Blackboard Jungle

The Greaser Subculture is still part of our main culture today because it was very big and popular and it showed that not everyone has to be the same. You can be different, and you shouldn’t care what others think.

Characteristics of a Greaser Boys- tight fitting t-shirts.   - black jeans with the cuffs rolled up  - motorcycle or army boots or chuck taylor all stars.    - bandannas   - black leather gloves   Girls   - Tight sweaters  - jeans and skirts   - Jackets    - Hoop earings   - High heels and boots Most of this was worn to show off there bodies

-The greasers listened mostly to rock and roll. -The Greasers looked up too Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Gene Vincent, Johnny Burnette, and Vince Taylor.

-The name come from, "Greaser Act" which was a law created against Mexicans to protect Californians. - Also came from Mexians who greased carts which was a bad job.    - Also came from them greasing back there hair.

The Greasers were known for there wildness. They were poorer than the Socs (rich kids who lived on the west side, always got drunk and looked for fights with the greasers) and the Middle class. The Greasers were also wilder than everyone else and when they were seen in public they were seen as the troublemakers.  They were stereotyped as reckless, dangerous or rebellious juveniles

They were more of a family/friend type of gang. They were not just there for the money or the drugs. They actually cared about each other. They stood up for each other when they needed help.

The Greasers were one of the first type of street gangs and was a subculture that originated in the Southern and Eastern United States in the 1950s and was comprised of working-class street gang youth.

- In the 1500’s women started to become part of the “Greasers”. They were known as the “Greaser girls.”- They were not seen greatly to society because they were already greasers, but to add on, they were women.


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