Grdana by Petra M. & Petra N.

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Grdana by Petra M. & Petra N.

An evil fairy want to curse one infant princess, because she thinks that the child may be the right person who can restore peace in the world.

Grdana is a vengeful woman who wants to get revenge over her enemy King Stefan and his daughter. She is an evil woman.

The Film is about the King Stefan who, when he was young, met Grdana, but to be the King, he had to cut off Grdana's wings. A few years later he got a daughter Aurora, who changed everything...

The most famous stars act in this film:Angelina Jolie,Elle Fanning,Brenton Thwaites,Sam Riley,Sharlb Copley.

Rewards:1.Favourite film 2.Favourite evil man3.The best family film

Petra MaksimovicandPetra NemeshajmerSecondary A2.a

Grdana TheEvil Fairy



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