Gray wolves

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Gray wolves


Samantha Herring

What They Eat.Gray wolves eat a big lunch! They eat moose, elk, goats, musk oxen, leemings, hares, beavers, voles, and bison. Also, Alpha males always get the first bite.

Their HabitatsGray Wolves might live in Europe, the middle east, U.S, some live in North America, Russia, and Central Asia.

Adaptations.Gray Wolves use their teeth, and claws for hunting. Their fur is a great insulator and can keep great moisture. Gray Wolves use their eyes for night vision so they can see at night. Their fleshy paws are better for traction in the winter.

-Interesting Facts.-Gray Wolves are THE largest member in the canine family.-Since they travel in packs, there is only 4-7 wolves in each group.-The alpha male and female are the pack leaders, they hunt prey and track.

More Facts!Gray wolves communicate with each other by howling, barking, or even growling. Gray Wolves also use a scent produced by their bodies to communicate, Sometimes they even use body language.

Diet. (Food!)Gray Wolves eat, moose, elk, deer, goats, bison, musk oxen, leemings, hares, beavers, and voles.

Gray WolvesSamantha Herring

Adaptations.Gray wolves use their teeth and claws for hunting. Their fur is a great insulator and can keep moisture to keep them warm. Since gray wolves have night vision, they hunt at night. Their fleshy paws give them better traction in the snow and on ice.

Interesting Facts.Grey wolves come in many different colors, such as, black, white, grey, and sometimes a yellow-ish color. Grey wolves are known as a timber wolves in America. In the Artic they are called a white wolf. And did you know that once a wolf has found a mate, they stay together for as long as they live.?

Green-where wolves live now.

Facts.Gray wolves are one of three species of wolf; the two others are the red wolf and the maned wolf. Gray wolves only live 6-8 years. Young gray wolves only stay with their parents from 2-3 years until they leave to make their own packs.

Their Enemies.Gray wolves enemies are coyote, sometimes bears, humans, golden eagles, pumas, mountain lions, lynx, badgers, horned owls, red fox, and bob cats.

Habitat. Gray Wolves live in many different areas. Some live in Europe, the Middle East, and the U.S. Most live in North America, Minnosota, Alaska Russia, and Central Asia.

Did You Know?Gray Wolves usually mate in January or February. They can have from 4-7 pups.

Red-where wolves used to live.


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