Gray Wolf

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Gray Wolf

Noa Francesch

How is it protected:The U.S. Endargered Species Act protects gray wolves. However, it is still legal to kill a wolf if it is eating a farmer's crops or cattle. Also, many people hunt them and say it was threatning them as an excuse.

Physical description:Can be red, beige, gray, cream, and in rare cases, totally black or white.The hotter a climate is, the smaller the wolf will be.Female wolves are smaller than males. It is the largest member in the dog family

Unique adaptations:Wolves usually live in packs (so they can protect each other)They can go without eating for a week.Wolves walk on their toes to reduce leg friction, in order to run faster.The average wolf can hear up to 10 miles away!

Environment:Wolves live in large, unspoiled areas (forests, grassland and tundra)Mostly live in cold areas where humans have not settled.

The average wolf:Runs up to 40 mph.Swims up to 8 miles.Is between 5-7ft from nose to tip of tail.Is between 26-32in high (from floor to shoulder).

Gray WolfCanis Lupus

Causes of endangerment:Habitat loss: humans have taken up most of the available forestland and are forced to live in much colder areas.Hunting: many fairytales describe the wolves as viscious and are killed because of it. Also, some wolves are forced to eat farmers' crops and animals becuase it is their only food source. Farmers often kill any wolf in sight.

Trophic level: tertiary consumer and predator. Is a carnivore, but can be omnivore if extremely hungry.


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