Gray Squirrel

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Gray Squirrel

Eastern Gray SquirrelHabitatSome squirrels live in abandoned bird nests. They can live in nest like drey's. Oak-Hickory forests are their favorite. They like to build their dreys in tree trunks and on branches. DietThey will raid gardens for crops. They eat many types of seeds and nuts. They will gnaw on things like bones for minerals.CommunicationSometimes they squeak like a mouse. They can use tail flicking to communicate. The mother and her kits communicate with a coo-purring noise.BehaviorThey hide food underground. They feel like they're being watched they'll pretend to hide the food and then they will come back to hide it later. they do not hibernate. They do not like hot summer days.

by:Ethan Edge

Gray Squirrel


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