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Bill Nye the Science GuyBilly Nye the science guy is a great way to get kids hooked onto the lesson of gravity and may help to disprove their misconceptions about gravity.

Children at a young age learn that gravity is what pulls objects down. For example it is the force that makes a ball fall to the ground when you throw it in the air. Later on in higher grades they learn gravity is the force pulling objects to the center of the Earth not to the ground.

Gravity is the force that pulls all things to one another.

What is Gravity

Bill Nye

To young children gravity only exists on Earth. In early grades the children learn that gravity is what causes us to see the moon. Later on they learn that the planets orbit around the sun because of gravity.

Gravity deals with more than the Earth.

There are two types of gravity!1. Terrestrial- deals with gravity of objects on Earth.2. Celestial- deals with gravity in outer space. i.e. the planets and moon.


Gravity is what pulls objects down unless they are being held up.

Brainpop Video on Gravity ---->>>


2. Celestial

MisconceptionsOne misconception is that if there is no air there will be no gravity. Most young children think that there is no gravity in outer space because there is no air.Another misconception is that they believe the air pressure is what keeps things pulled to the ground.


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