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GRAVITYGravity is the force that pulls us to the ground and keeps planets in orbit. Many scientists have had thoughts on gravity but only some are considered right such as Albert Eienstein and Isaac Newton's theories. Without gravity, we would be floating up in space and life would not be sustainable anywhere in the universe.

Quiz1. What did Isaac Newton discover?2. How do planets keep in orbit?3. Which Gravity theories were considerd right?4. What fell on Isaac Newton's head?5. How does gravity work?6. Who did the Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment?7. What country did Galileo Galilei come from?8. Why is gravity importent?9.When did Isaac Newton discover gravity?10. What other things did Galileo study other than physics?

Sir Issac NewtonSir Issac Newton (1643-1727) was thefirst to discover Gravity in 1665. He was inspired when an apple fell on on the ground. In 17o5, he was knighted for his work in physics. He was also the first person to be knighted for contributions science.

Galileo GaleliGalileo Galili (1564-1642) was a famous Italian physicist and astronomer. He had many thoughts on other planets in our solar system. In 1589, Galileo did an experiment. He dropped two rocks from the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. One rock was larger but they both fell and hit the groung at the same time. This proved his theory correct.

How do Planets keep in orbit?The reason why the planets stay in orbit is that the sun has a very strong gravitational pull, so it keeps all planets where they are.


Here is a Information talk about Gravity and the second one is an interview with Ty Revellos.


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