Gravity Hurts, But No Gravity Hurts Too!

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Gravity Hurts, But No Gravity Hurts Too!

Blood presure:When blood is pumped around your body, your blood pushes your arteries wall in all direction (water pressure). This is called blood pressure because it's force (from your blood) exert on a surface area (your artery walls.)When you are on earth, your heart works hard to push your blood up to your brain, and then gravity will pull it down. But in space, there's no gravity, therefore there's nothing to pull your bood down from your head. Alot of blood in your upper body, signals to your body that there's too much fluid in it (overhydration). This will cause your kidney to get rid of liquid from your body and turn it into urine. This decreases your blood volume. Less blood will be pumped around the body, therefore less force on your atery walls, lower blood pressure. In space, you also end up with "baloon head" because your heart pushes blood up to your brain, but there's nothing to pull it back down!

Gravity Hurts, but no Gravity hurts too!

"How does zero gravity affect the human body?"Chouchou Nguyen

Major Effects

1) Balloon Head: what happens to your blood without gravity pulling it down? where do all the blood go? 2)Bird Legs: it requires no force in space to move your body, so what happens to your muscles?3)Osteoporosis: same with muscles, if you don't work your bones, what will happen?

Fun Fact!Notice how this astronaut's head is more puffy in space than on earth. This is not because he gained weight (space food aren't that good). His heart pushes blood up to his brain, but there's nothing to pull it back down! So he ends up with a baloon head!

Osteoporosis:Not just muscles, bones get affected too. If bones don't work, they lose their density. this is also like aging. Your grandparents can't walk or run as fast as you do because their bones are not as dense as yours. Astronauts lose about 1% of their bone density every month because if there's no gravity, no force is required to move their body.

Bird legs: In space, there's no gravity, therefore there's no acceleration. F=ma. But without "a", if a=0, then there's no force. It requires almost no effort to move your body. Just by pushing with your finger tips, you can float forward. If your muscles doesn't work, then it will start to shirnk. Astronauts lose about 5% of their muscle mass every week. Therefore when they come back to earth, there muscles are not strong enough to support their upper body weight.

Notice: Though Chris here is exercising regularly, he still has alot of trouble adjusting to earth because his bone density is still weak depite the regular exercise. No gravtiy can hurt you greatly!

1. Why do astronauts come back with “balloon heads”?Because there’s no gravity to pull the blood down from their heads2. Why do astronaut have to exercise in space? Because their muscles don’t work as much in space as they do on earth because of no gravityTo keep their bone density as dense as possible because they don’t have to work their bones in spaceWhat is blood pressure? The amount of force (caused by your blood) exert on the surface area (your artery walls)


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