Gravity and Motion

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Gravity and Motion

MASS - the amount of matter in an objectFORCE - A push or pullGRAVITY - The force of attraction between two objectsWEIGHT - A measure of the gravitational force on and object in Newtons (N)FRICTION - The force that opposes motion between the surfaces of two objectsSPEED - The rate of an object, or distance/timeVELOCITY - The speed and direction of an objectACCELERATION - The rate at which the velocity of an object changesMOMENTUM - The force/speed of movement



Newton's first lawAny object will remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Newton's second lawF = mass x AccelerationNewton's third lawFor every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

by FeiFei Gao

How do Newton's laws affect us?

Newton's laws are in our everyday lives! Newton's first law applies to every object, meaning when you kick a soccer ball, it remains in motion unless someone else applies force to it, or friction stops it.

This experiment demonstrates Newton's first law, otherwise known as the law of inertia. An egg is place over a cup of liquid using a toilet paper rowl and a bowl as a stand. A studen then knocks over the stand but does not displace the egg, and it subsequently drops into the cup of water. The egg did not move because it had greater inertia than the bowl or toilet paper roll.

Click here to see a cool experiment of Newton's first law!

Check out this Voki video that explains the relationshipbetween mass and gravity!

Watch this cool video that explains gravity!

In this cartoon, the road runner, coyote, and cars have run off the cliff and still continued to run. This is breaking Newton's first law of physics! The objects should not continue to accelerate because they've lost the force of the ground and gravity became weaker.


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