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wow there is alot of grass!!I wounder who else lives here?

My biome is full of hidding places for aswome animals!!

wow i wounder if everybody has some kinda of special hidding spot? How do they hide and catch prey?

well.... I use my tusks to kill my prey.

wow! i do to but i use my horn to kill my prey and defend myself.

My biome is grasslands

Can you beleive how many animals live here?I cant belive it but they also have specail adapttations to this biome.They have specail features to be able to hide them selfs from pretetors.They also have a special way of catching food.They usally get about 10 to 30 inches of rain per year.If there was anymore rain it woul d be a become a forest.

There is little trees in graslands. Most of them probabley have been there for years but there is new ones.

Where is all the trees? I havent seen one since yesterday when i went hunting a long way away.

There ain't that many trees here in grasslands.

I'm glad grasslands have dome trees!

Yeah i'm glad to it gives some of us animals something to eat.

wow everybody sure seems excited to tell everybody about this biome.


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