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The bison, black footed ferret, and swift fox are all endanged animals that reside in grasslands. There is a massive black footed ferret conservation program in which zoos capture the ferrets, breed them, and then release the young into the wild.

1) Most of the time, grasslands are located in between forests and deserts. 2) Under the ground, there miles upon miles of prairie dog ''towns'', complicated networks of tunnes.

Grasslands are home to many different species of animals. (Left to right on the pictures below) Prairie dogs, jack rabbits, elk, and even ants all make their home in grasslands.

Not surprisingly, most plants of the grassland are a type of grass. However, several types of low-growing flowers thrive in the conditions of the grassland biome. These flowers include the (Left to right in the pictures) Smooth Blue Aster, Yarrow, Butterfly Weed, and Prairie Coneflower.




Endangered Bison


With hot summers and cold winters, grasslands are climatically diverse biomes. The average temperature for the summer is 86*F while the average temperature is -4*F in the winter. Rainfall is uncertain year round.

Jack rabbits are swift animals.

Our furry friends aren't the only grassland dwelers!

Some herds of wild horses live on grasslands, too.

Temperature and Climate

Interesting Facts

LocationGrasslands are found in the prairies of the U.S. and Canada, steppes of Russia, savannas of Africa, pampas of Argentina, and areas of Australia.


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