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Mostly willows and cottonwoods grow in he grassland. Most trees have special abilities like fire-proof bark.

Some of the animals in the grassland biome are Bison, Foxes, Prairie Dogs, Wolves, and lions.They are important in the grasslands because it helps control the balance of the food chain. Certain animals are attracted to the grasslands because other animals that live in the grasslands give them their energy source. There is many examples that live in the grassland, such as a carnivore a carnivore only eats meat like a lion. Theres also herbivores that live in the grassland like the giraffe. There are omnivores a bird is an example of an animal that eats plants and meat.


Grasslands are located in Great Plains of North America, Pampa of Argentina, parts of Hungary, Siberia, and Australia. These all have many things in common such as the same types of animals and plants. they all are filled with grass.

The summers of grasslands are very hot and winters are very cold. It is very moist and humid. The grasslands have only two seasons.

This is a clip of the Lion King which shows the grasslands in the beginning an the lions at the end.

The Grassland has low growing plants.The Grassland mainly consists of grasses and wildflowers.There's also not alot of preciptation to grow a large expance of trees. In the Grasslands theres Buffalo Grass, Blue Grama Grass, Nedle Grass, Blue Bigstam,Switch Grass, Sun Flowers, Sage Bush, Clover, Aster, Golden Rods, Butterfly weed, and Butter Weed. Forbes aren't grasses they are leafy soft stemed plants like sun flowers.

Wheat and corn come from grassland and they help both humans and animals to give them their energy and a food source. There are many animals living in the grasslands and if th grasslands ar gone, the animals would be endangered or extinct and it would be endangered or extinct and it would affect the food chain. It could cause many animals to die and many animals to bcom way too big of a population.

These are the different places where grasslands are located around the world.

Our Group Biome Project

Gama Grass Buffalo Lion

Food Chain

Certain animals are attracted to the grasslands because other animals that live there give them their energy sourse.


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