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More exaples include : zebras, girrafes, buffulo, bison, elephants, ferrets, kangaroo, worms, snakes, termites, beetles, mice, lions, leapords, hyenas, and more.

On this Biome there are plants such as the aster plant that has a beautiful purple color. Butterflies pollonate the flower and take the necter in it as food. Aster comes from the Latin word star.

There are lots of animals that live in the biome we call 'grasslands. The Black-Footed Ferret is one of the many examples of animals that live here in the grasslands. This animal os extinxt in it's natural habitat.

This biome is located in Africa, South America, Northern Australia, and Southern Asia.

The climate of the Savannah is 68-78 degrees in winter and 78-86 degrees in the summer.

a characteristic of one animal is a girraffe. It lives in the African Savannah (one type of grassland) and has a very long neck used to get leaves from a treetop.This animal's neck is 11 feet tall (3.3m)

A way to solve this problem is to protect this animal and others by setting aside patches of land for these animals. Also we could find another material for teeth and use other herbs for medicine.

The animals that live here have adapted very well. Some hunt and some are hunted. Like a lion is a hunter and a zebra is hunted. Zebras eat grass and live in the grassland.

In this biome there hunter that are not animals. These hunters are humans and one of the animals that this species has killed many elephants for their tusks for the ivory and use it for medicine and false teeth.



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