[2014] kiramains16 (ENVSCIPD6): Grasslands

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[2014] kiramains16 (ENVSCIPD6): Grasslands

Climate: Summers can be above 100 degrees and winters can be below -40 degrees

References- National Geographic,. (2014). Grasslands -- National Geographic. Retrieved 7 November 2014, from http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environment/habitats/grassland-profile/- Ucmp.berkeley.edu,. (2014). The grassland biome. Retrieved 7 November 2014, from http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/exhibits/biomes/grasslands.php- Citadel.sjfc.edu,. (2014). Decomposers. Retrieved 7 November 2014, from http://citadel.sjfc.edu/students/naa07113/e-port/decomposers.html

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Consumers - The prairie dogs color helps it to blend in with the grass in grassland - zebras stripes when they are all together help to confuse their predators- wolfs life span is up to ten years in a grassland biome- Meerkats live underground -Endangered Grevy’s Zebra,West African Giraffe,Rothschild Giraffe,Barbary Leopard

The National Park Trust is an organization that bought 10,894 acres of grassland in 1994. People are conserving soil and trees to help stop erosion in this biome. If more people would just buy one acre of our world's land and protect it, then all biomes would no longer be in danger.

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Decomposers- Worms live underground in the soil-Meadow waxcaps cap measures between 3 and 8 centimeters and the stem between 2 and 5 centimeters.

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Producers - Some prairie trees have thick bark to resist fire- Extensive root systems prevent grazing animals from pulling roots out of the ground- Some endangered plants such as White-rayed pentachaeta,fountain thistle,and presidio clarkia - They provide forage for grazing animals and thus make vegetation suitable for human consumption.The use of herbs and medicinal plants gathered frommeadows and pasturelands is still traditional andcharacteristic in Hungary. Their special, individual use is fin health care, where not only medicinal raw materials,but fitness and wellness cures involve grassland products,as well.





Location: Africa,South America, Eurasia, North America, Europe, Aisa, Australia

Description: Grassy, fields

Bethany Thoma ' Kira Mains

State of the Grasslands



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