[2014] cholmesijp (Room 208): Grasslands

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[2014] cholmesijp (Room 208): Grasslands


ClimateSometimes more than 100°F(37.8°)Rain usually occurs in late spring and early summerRain usually 20-35 inches yearly

Animals Bison-used to be millions now only few live in prairie prerserves

Animals Antelope-adapted to not compete with others over food. Some eat short grass. There are about 40 species of antelopes.

Animals Kangoroos- they use their powerful legs to run away from spreading fires

Animals Pronghorns-they look like antelopes but not related. When alarmed can run 60mph (fastest animal in North America)

Animals Prairie Dogs-they dig burrows in the ground and branch off into nesting areas. Sometimes animals come into their burrows.

Plants Bluestem Grass-Height range 1-3 ft tall. Grows well in prairie soils can also grow in sandy loam.

Plants Yucca-Stiff, spearshaped, dark green leaves.Produces tall white flowerheads. Can go long periods without water.

Plants Big Sagebrush-It grows well in dry climates. It's an evergreen so animals eat it in the winter.

Food Chain-Starts with the sun, water, and nutrients. Next herbivores and omnivores. Carnivores die,and decomposersbreak them down. The cycle continues

Decomposers Termites, beetles, and worms are there so that when the consumer that eats the plants dies. They turn the consumers into rich soil. To continue the cycle which helps plants grow.

Threats clearing is the biggest threat. It threatens plants and animqals and breaks the food chain. About 98% of grasslands have been cleared for farming, house, towns, and roads. Chemical sprays kill bugs and weeds, but also harm grasslands and animals.

Saving GrasslandsIt's rare that original areas of grasslands still exist. Governments and conservation groups are making national parks and reserves for grasslands. In Africa some large parks can run across different countries.

Saving Grasslands Savanna parks are very popular with ecotourists because they have a lot of wildlife. People want to se wildlife in grassland habitats. In Africa savanna wildlife tours are very popular.

Saving Grasslands We can all work to save grasslands. Ask the government for more national parks. Join a conservation group. We can save grasslands


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