Grasslands 2

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Grasslands 2

What are Grasslands?Grasslands are flat and grassy. They have lots of bushes but not a lot of trees. Grasslands are usually located between forest and desert areas. Grassland animals are divided into four groups: the nesters, the grazers, the burrowers, and hunters. Lions and tigers are hunters.

Grasslandsby Jason, Giovanni, Gavin, and Arron

Lions use their sharp teeth to tear off peices of food. They don't chew their food, they just swallow it. Their ears help them hear prey and other animals. Lions are very large and can leap up to 40 feet. Males have long manes around their faces to help protect them during fights.


Tigers have good hearing, eyesight, and smell so they can find their prey. Tigers have striped fur to help them be camouflaged in the tall grass. Their sharp teeth help them catch and kill their prey. They also have sharp claws that they use to grip and tear their prey.



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