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Grassland Biomes

Peter K.

Long, rolling plains of grasses; can befound in some parts of Argentina, Australia,China, and the US

Temperatures range from 0 to 90° F; may be hotter or colder depending on location

low to moderate precipitationon average annually(20-35 inches)

Humans have caused a lot of changes to the landscape and the animals in grasslands since a long time ago. Large areas of grassland have been turned into farmlands. Fires started by humans spread quickly through grasses and damage the soils. Moreover, a largenumber of animals have been huntedfor their valuable body parts. 1% of grasslands are officially protected by governments

Deep, dark, fertile soils that are high in organic matter

Geographic features include majority domination in vegetation by grasses, being hilly but not mountinous or flat, having no cliffs or ledges;usually are moised because they receivea good amount of precipitation.

Environmental Benefits andAdvantages of Grasslands reduced soil erosion lowered nutrient los, improvement of water, soil, and air quality low energy expenditures minimal pesticide requirement wildlife enhancement water impoundment structures recreation and rural beauty


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