Grassland Biome

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Grassland Biome

3Temperate Grassland

What to pack:~Bottled water; since it is really hot, you don't want to get dehydrated.~Binoculars; for sight seeing.~Comfortable clothes like shorts and a t-shirt.~Sneakers; a lot of walking.

Climate in temperate grasslandIn summer the tempatures can be well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, while winter temperatures can be as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The grassland biome is always found in warm or hot climates where the annual rainfall is 25-75 cm of rain per year, much of it occurring in the late spring and early summer. The rainfall is concentrated in six or eight months of the year, followed by a long period of drought when fires can occur.

PlantsSince there is little percipitation in the grassland biome, grass is the dominate vegetation. Among the grass some species of flowers grow; asters, sunflowers, wild indigos, and clovers. Small trees and shrubs rarely grow here.

Animals found;-Buffalos-Zebras-Antelopes-Prairie dogs-Crickets-Hawks

Where will you stay?You will stay in this man made, cozy, little house that will give you an excellent view of the animals and stars outside at night, and a beautiful view of the sunrise in the morning.

DiningYou will enjoy grilled antelope topped with green onions and immersed into a spicy barbecue sauce, served with fried and sweet crickets.

Shooting video.

Horseback riding video.


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