grassland biome

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grassland biome

Come on a safari ride through the grasslands in africa


Climate: 25-75 cm of rain per year.Not enough rain for trees to grow

What to bring: sunscreen, sneakers, comfortable clothes and bug spray

You will go on a safari ride and see all of the types of animals like giraffes, zebras, horses, elephants, lions, and chetahs. while on a horse.

You will be staying at Chobe Savanna Lodge. A lodge right in the middle of the grassland. Where you will wake up to the wild life.

For lunch you will have zebra with a side of bread. For breakfast you will have lion also with a side of bread. For dinner you will have bufalo wings.

The tempuratare ranges in the grassland. It can be -40 degrees or over 100.

There are different types of plants and animal like bufalo, zebras, lions, chetahs, giraffes and many more. Some plants that grow there are grass wheat and small shrubs. Small things can grow there isnt enough rain for larger plants.