Grassland biome

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Grassland biome

Grassland Biome

All about the Grasslans biome. One of the native producers int the grassland is the Baobab tree. Th baobab tree produces leaves and a rich source of medication. One of the other native producer is the Acacia tree. The Acacia tree produces the giraffes main food sources and protection for small animals. The last native producer is the Jackalberry tree. The Jackal berry tree produces one of the favorite fruits of many animals and produces good medication. The Baobab is threatend and endangered by people de-barking it, drought, and cutting it down.The Acacia is thretenend by ants eating it and the tree grows sick but eventully becomes better. The threat to the Jackalberry tree is people cut them down. Some of the consumers in the grassland are the lion, hyena, and cheetah. The lion has to adapt to othe lions in their behavior. The hyena is a good hunter but has to adapt to other hunting ways. The cheetah has to adapt to different weather and hunting. The lion is about 1.4 to 2 meters long. The hyena is 21 to 72 kilograms. The cheetah it 40.2 to 43.7 kilograms. The lion likes to live in hot places with their pride. The hyena likes to live woodlands. The cheetah likes to live in warm places but follows their prey. The hyena lives up to 25 years. The lion lives 10 to 14 years. The cheeta lives 10 to 12 years. Threats to the cheetah are habitat loss. Threats to the lion are climate change. Threats to the hyena are hunters. FUN FACT: If you have ever seen the lion king the baobab tree is were Rafiki makes his home!



Jackalberry tree


Acacia tree

Baobab tree


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