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Algebra I

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Before graphing you need to know how to:- Identify coordinate plane, x-axis & y-axis- Plot coordinates (x,y)-Know the signs of each quadrant

Why do we learn to graph? Graphing is much more than plotting points. It provides us with effective data that we can analyze and interpret.Do we use graphing in just math?No, it comes in handy in other subjects areas, such as science, and also in careers, such as marketing.

Isolate the y to put equation into slope intercept form.

y= mx + b

Identify the slope (m) & the y-intercept (b)Slope is the rise over the run or the change in y over the change in x (THINK STEEPNESS).y-intercept is where the line crosses the y-axis

Plot coordinates byXY TABLES plug in an x value to get a y value. ORPlot the y-intercept & count the slope

Cut It Out... Key TermsOrigin, x-axis y-axis quadrants (I, II, III, IV) x-coordinatey-coordinateanaylsislinear equation linear relationship independent variable dependent variableCoordinate planeUndefinedSlope

Use a ruler and connect the points Remember to put arrows at the end of your lines (a line is continuous)!

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