Graphing Lines

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Algebra I

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Graphing Lines

Have you ever wondered how to graph a line, which equation to use, and what the deal with y-intercepts is? After reading this, all of these questions will be answered!!!

Graphing Lines

Just a few quick tips: Start by finding m, the slope, because it will be used in every equation. Also, to evaluate any of the equations, choose one of the ordered pairs used to find the slope, and plug it in to any of the equations. Lastly, don't forget that the coefficients in General form must be whole, non-negative numbers!

Graphing a line on a coordinate plane is as simple as knowing two points that lay on this line. From this, we can derive everything we need to know to formulate the three line equations: 1) Slope-Intercept form, 2) Point-Slope form, and 3) General form.


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