Graphing Linear Equations

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Graphing Linear Equations

Graphing Linear Equations

Three main forms:Slope InterceptStandard FormPoint Slope Form


Let's Practice!What form are the following equations in?1. y=24x+192. 8x+9y=723. (y-3)=4(x-7)

m:represents slope

b: represents the y-intercept

Standard Form:


This form uses the x and y intercepts.

Plug in 0 for y to find the x intercept.Plug in 0 for x to find the y intercept.

Graph 4x+5y=20

Plug in 0 for y to find the x int.4x+5(0)=20


Plug in 0 for x to find the y int.4(0)+5y=20


Slope Intercept Form:


Put (0,4) on the graph,and use the slope of -4/5.

Graph y= -4/5x+4m= -4/5 b=4

The point (-5,8) is on the graph.m= -4/5

Graph (y-8)= -4/5(x+5)

m: represents slopex1 and y1: represent (x1,y1)

Point Slope Form:


1. Slope Int. 2. Standard 3. Point Slope

What's the big deal?Graphing linear equations is important so we can represent and analyze real life situations such as the change in height over time, or the change in speed of a car.

Click on the following links to watch my demonstration of graphing lines in all three forms.


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