Graphing a Line Given an Equation

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Algebra I

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Graphing a Line Given an Equation

In order to do this task, we choose any x-value that we want and plug it into the equation, then solve for the y-value!

Graphing a line given an equation

Since we know how to plot points, we will now be learning how to graph a line when you are given an equation. Read the instructions at the right. Below are some good examples to understand graphing lines.

Your job is to come into next class with three different equations with three different graphs. Be creative!

Look at the tables below to see the chosen x-value plugged into the equation. The resulting coordinate is plotted onto the graph. Then we just connect the dots to create the line!


We see that we can create a line, but this next equation shows how to make a parabola. You can make any equation you want, plug in x-values, and see what kind of graph it makes.


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