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Graphic Designer

With the increased use of internet the out look looks good. in 10 years it is expected to grow 7%. use of graphic designersnewspapers/paper advertisment- decrease by 16%computer systems- increase by 35%

Job Outlook

they create art work by hand or on a computer ment to inspire, imform, or captivate a concumor. they use art to make a person want to buy something. they normally work for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports. respnabilities-meet imployer to figure out the idea of the next peice-figure out what the dargetide audience would like-what message is this peice supposed to give off--creat a image-develope graphics-pick colors, images, text style, and layout-present design-make changes of needed-check for errors

Graphic Designer

a designer has to be very spasific

What do they do?

Noah Spencer


Work Enviroment

some graphic design examples

Semular Ocupations

How Do You Become One?

They normally work in studeos near computors art saplize and anything else they could need. They normally work by thenselves butin some cases can work on a design team.

A Bachlors degree in graphic design is best. You will also need to build up experance to get a higher ranking job.

In 2012 the average graphic designer made $44,150 per year. some of the bes made $77,490 a year and some of the lowest earnings made $26,250 a year.

-Advertisment-art director-craft and finearts artist-desktop publisher-drafters

A Graphic Design studio


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