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Graphic Design

KnowledgeGraphic Designers have simple tasks to know, such as reading, critical thinking, listening, penciling, time management, coordination, judging and making decisions, and speaking.

Job DescriptionWhen you walk through the store, all those labels. At the movie theater, the movie poster, the movie itself. Box art on toys. Book Covers. Graphic Designers design all of that and slap it on your products to make them look great. They Create those designs by developing graphics and layouts for products, logos, and websites. Theyhave to prepare illustrations or rough sketches of the material , and discuss them with people such as the company for a product. They will discuss and decide whether the design is good or not.

Graphic Design

Pay/WagesGraphic Designers do get paid well for their work. They make $44,830 as a median wage. They make at an average start $12.98 per hour.

" A Mint of Creativity"

Skills/QualitiesGraphic Designers have interesting skills that they use to create their masterpieces. Like using computers, having creativity, organizing, communicating with customers and workers, draw, sketch, and prepare.

Job OutlookIf you like drawing, creating, designing, and being creative, then graphic design is the job for you. You start off with a regular pay, and you get to design for peiople and products.

Tools/TechnologyGraphic Designers have many tools at their hands to complete their work, such as: Desktop computers, copiers, scanners, laser printers, notebook computers, tablets, publishing softwares, such as microsoft and adobe. Spreadsheet and Word processors are also used.

InterestsGraphic Designers have many interests such as fifferent styles of design. They design retro products, old fashioned, vintage, and modern looks. Sleek, geometric curves, curves, and pattering are all methods they use to create. They design furniture, glass works, accesories, and Deco.

Working ConditionsGraphic designers work standard time about 8 hours or less.They work closely with customers. They work in their offices and dont some traveling to meet customers, and/or to mett clients to discuss their product ideas.

Education/TrainingGraphic designers require a bachelor's degree, associates, some don't need a degree. They go to studyat career centers, such as maplewood. They also go to other places including studio arts.

Tasks/ResponsibilitiesGraphic designers have many tasks to complete in order to satisfy their customers like: creating designs, concepts, devoloping layouts, taking notes, instructing, draw charts, graphs, illustrations.

The reason i would be interested in this career is that i love to draw and design. I think i would be good at it because i have drawn some good stuff.


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