Grammar Translation Method

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Language Arts

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Grammar Translation Method

Students learn grammatical rules and then apply those rules by translating sentences between the target language and the native language

Teachers usually conduct the classes in the native language and their role is to teach the grammar rules.





Originated in the early 1500's.Is a method of teaching foreign laguages derivated from the classical method of teaching Greek and Latin.

Student's role


Teacher's role

-Grammar translation method-Traditional method-gramatical rules-Foreign language-Translate literature

Key concepts

Two main goals: 1.To develop students reading ability to a level where they can read literature in the target language.2. to develop students’ general mental discipline



Students learn grammar rules by rote and the practice the rulesby doing grammar drills & translating sentences to and from the target language.The textbook is codified with grammar rules for students to learn and memorize. A chapterin a typical grammar-translation textbook would begin with biligual vocabulary o list, after which there would be grammar rules for students to study and sentences for them to translate

Classroom activities


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