Graduation Requierments

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Graduation Requierments

Transition Planning The following 7 modules (4 videos) go through all of the information that you need to know in order to be compliant with IDEA, and to get your student ready for life after high school.Transition Planning Success Learning how to create a successful transition plan can be time-consuming and it's definitely hard work! But just look at what a difference it can make for students!

Although each state has it's own set of rules, there are a few things that all 50 US states have in common:1) All states require you to have at least 3 english, math, social studies, and science classes in order to graduate. Most states now require four in each subject2) All states have different diploma options for students with a documented intellectual disability. This could mean fewer classes, different standards, etc.

Special Diploma


24 Credit Standard

ACCEL Diploma

National Requirements

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Florida's Diploma Options


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