Gradually Proceeding Away from a Family Feud - Episode 5

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Gradually Proceeding Away from a Family Feud - Episode 5

Gradually Proceeding Away from a Family Fued (Episode 5, Ch. 16-18)

Huck V.S. Buck

Huck and Buck are Foils because they have similar qualities;Huck's traits are emphasized through Buck because they are both around the same age, their physical appearences are alike, their background--living in a slave state, being Southerners, and the rhyming of their names makes them Foils as well. They also have differences between each other, like their morals; Buck has a different view of the acceptibility of violence than Huck does because of the fued. The family fued is between the Grangerfords and the Shepherdsons, the fued is when men have quarrels and then kill each other, but "it's kind of slow, and takes a long time." With Buck, he doesn't think anyway of killing, he thinks it's natural, and makes no big deal about it, but Huck actually knows that killing is not the natural thing to do, and that the fued kills people for no absolute reason, they just do it because it started along time ago with a lawsuit.

How does society know what's right and what's wrong? Has it been developed through the thoughts of people in the past?

Since Buck and Huck are Foils for each other, similarities occur; with the tragic death of Buck, Huck Finn notices that if he lives a similar life to him he will die too, this is because Buck represents Huck. The best way for Huck to avoid dying is to live a life where he is able to accept people for who they are and not live in a world full of hatred. Buck Grangerford lived in a life where killing was the moral thing to do and this was because of the fued that his family and the Shepherdsons have. Basically the death of Buck is a warning to Huck telling him that if he follows the footsteps of Buck, he will most likely end up dying as well. Maybe later on in life the families will learn that the life they live is wrong and not at all necessary.

Author's Purpose:The author's purpose for Episode 5 is to show the ignorance of the fued between the Grangerfords and the Shepherdsons. The families kill people without thinking about their morals and the differences between right and wrong. They have to physically kill others because of something that happened years ago, and sadly not one person in the family realize that it's immoral and not the right thing to do. Mark Twain shows that the men in the fueds are so dedicated to hating other people that they forget the well being of the society themselves.

Can hatred be strong enough for one to lose values in their surroundings?

Setting:The setting in Episode 5 takes place at the Grangerfords' home in Mississippi in which Huck is able to stay for as long as he desires. The home is described as magnificent with the deeply detailed description, and Huck states that he "hadn't seen no house out in the country before that was so nice and had so much style." In the home there are slaves and the Southern civilized ways are shown.

Why does society have the right to say what's moral and immoral, or what's normal and unusual?

Huck Finn's Evolution:Huckleberry shows a lot of shifts so far in each episode showing his morals, immaturity, and maturity. In this episode Huck's morals are strengthened due to his realization of the lack of morals in the Grangerfords' family. The death of Buck makes Huck not want to die, so therefore he shows his maturity by putting his behavior and beliefs to a higher standard than what they had been before. Huck has a big shift from the last episode to this one because he is able to perceive the way of life. If he is not able to accept Jim or anyone else for that matter, he is going to make a big mistake. Huck thought about betraying his loyalty to Jim, but he figured that if he were to do it he wouldn't feel any different, so instead Huck does not bother with it anymore. This also shows as of now that Huck is able to get over the fact that he is a white boy protecting a slave.

The Grangerfords- A wealthy Southern family who provide a home for Huck, their rivals are the Shepherdsons in which they kill to continue with the fued that has been going on for 30 years. Buck Grangerford- He is thirteen or fourteen year old Southern boy who is a little bit bigger than Huck. Buck is the Foil for Huck because they have similar backgrounds, age, physical appearence, etc. At the end of the episode Buck dies and this is a reflection of Huck, if he does not learn to act more moral he may just end up like Buck. Buck's death is like Huck looking at himself dead, a mirrored reflection.Emmeline Grangerford- A young girl who is surrounded by death in her family, her reaction to the fued isn't like the others in her family. "Every time a man died, or a women died, or a child died, she would be on hand with her 'tribute' before he was cold. She called them tributes." Not only did she write tributes to be who had died, she was morbid and filled with death.Sophia Grangerford- She symbolizes Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, and runs away with Harney Shepherdson from her supposedly "rival family."Col Grangerford- "Very tall and very slim, and had a darkish-paly complexion, not a sign of red in it anywheres; he was clean-shaved every morning, all over his thin face, and he had the thinnest kind of lips, and the thinnest kind of nostrils, and a high nose, and heavy eyebrows, and the blackest kind of eyes, sunk so deep back that they seemed like they was looking out of caverns at you, as you may say" (117).The Shepherdsons- Are the other family that have a fued with the Grangerfords, and kill people without even thinking of the wrongdoings that are being done. Buck tells Huck that The Shepherdsons are not cowrds and neither are the Grangerfords, yet they continue their war between families.Harney Shepherdsons- Represents Romeo in Romeo and Juliet and runs away Sophia Grangerford who is supposed to be his enemy since she is from a different family and they are in a middle of a fued.

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