Grades 9-12 (OPSPARC 2017)

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Grades 9-12 (OPSPARC 2017)

Be a JWST Researcher

The fact that 1.2 million people go missing each year around the world and giving them something to find what they need to survive or find their way back. the most difficult part is that each mirror peice is specifically constructed and needs to be able to move to better focus

Create your Own Spinoff

radius of our mirror: 8.89 cm (3.5 in)their mirror: 650 cm (256 in)ours is about 1.36769/100 the size

Uses mirrors to see farther than normal binoculars.

This telescope will be able to help find people who are lost in the wild or anywhere in the world.It can also be very useful than using hunting binoculars or a pair of eyes. A pair of hunting binoculars would cost somewhere around $100-600 and they can see 1 mile in front of you. The human eye can see 3 miles in front of you, but probably can't focus that far. The new telescope that we are making can see 5 times farther than the human eye or the regular hunting binoculars. This is way better considering that it costs somewhere around $50, so it is really cheap.This idea will save a bunch of people who cannot aford binoculars and it will change the world.

Design Review

the design was selected because of its simplicity though ways to improve it would be to improve the durability as the gears would easily be knocked out of allignment


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