Grades 9-12 (OPSPARC 2017)

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Grades 9-12 (OPSPARC 2017)

This is the original product that is used in todays enviorment for people that have trouble hearing or can not hear. Or was jsut not born with that part of the ear. Without these things for maybe jobs that some people have today if this device was never made.

Post photographs or drawings of the original JWST Spinoff technology.

Design Review

Be a JWST Researcher

My spinoff project is a coclar implant with a solar panel on the side of the device. This is a very good project to get nasa because they made the original design. I want to keep the original look to it so its not like nassas design is just out of the equation.

Create your Own Spinoff

This is one of my images of my project this is on the outside of the device this makes the device energy stay for a logner amount of time still has to have a source of power instead of it jsut being a solar panel on a device.

This is a diffrent angle of the coclar implant this is showing the part that wraps around your ear.


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